Smart Tween 1.1
Smart Stairs 1.06
  • Smart Stairs is a Python based, parametric stair generator for CINEMA 4D.
Smart Outline 1.2
  • Smart Outline is a spline object plugin for Cinema 4D, it creates an outline of a given spline just like the "create outline" tool - but with animateable offset/distance.
Smart Save 1.0
  • Smart Save is a video post effect for Cinema 4D, it creates an new RGB buffer image named [documentname][date][time] everytime a still image rendering is finished.
Smart TexPath 1.0
  • Smart TexPath replaces all texture paths - with just one click!
Smart ResMon 1.1
  • Smart ResMon lets you keep track of your CPU and RAM useage!
Smart PolyChart
  • Smart PolyChart is a simple CommandData plugin which draws a neat bar chart from the polygon counts of all polygon objects in a scene.
Smart HN-Options
  • Smart HN-Options allows to globally change the parameters of every HyperNURBS object within the scene.

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