Smart Tween is a XPresso Node thats brings easing
equations to C4D.

Using easing transitions it is easy to create curve based
motions with lifelike acceleration and/or deceleration.

Smart Tween handles everything for you - just set a start-
and endpoint, a duration and pick an easingtype.

Take a look at the demo video in the right and read on.

Tween just anything and give your animations a whole new flow!

This is just a incomplete overview of the easing curves that can be created with Smart Tween.

The ramp type OutIn is also choosable and the easings "Back" and "Elastic" can be modified.

The loop and ping-pong feature allows to repeat or mirror every curve.

So there are more than 11*4*3 possible combinations...

Easing transitions have been developed by Robert Penner
in 2003 and are a new, fresh approach to motion design.

When tweening objects, the animator chooses an equation and ramp type that creates the apropiate transition.
So in short Smart Tween is a animation-preset Plugin that
frees you from the task of drawing curves.

It comes with a bunch of easing types :

  • Linear
  • Random
  • Quadratic
  • Cubic
  • Quartic
  • Quintic
  • Sextic
  • Sinusoidal
  • Exponential
  • Circular
  • Elastic
  • Back
  • Bounce
...and the following ramp types :
  • In
  • Out
  • InOut
  • OutIn

Smart Tween is easy to handle and offers full control.

As the plugin is an XPresso node, you can connect its Real or Vector outport to almost everything.
It also iterates through Particles and Object Lists for example, so you can animate thousands of objects
with one node, while being able to adjust the transition parameters for every single object.

While it is easy to use, Smart Tween offers a set of advanced ports and features for those who want
to get the last out of it.








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