SmartNormal 2.0 – SmartNormal goes WebGL

SmartNormal 2.0 - SmartNormal goes WebGL

New, better, normal.

Looking for a normal map converter?
One that is fast, simple and runs directly in your browser? 

SmartNormal 2.0 is here!

Happy normalizing!

  • WebGL/GPU powered
  • maximum input texture size up to 8192*8192px (depending on your device)
  • realtime preview
  • uncompressed output

SmartNormal is made possible by the excellent PIXI.js engine, dat.GUI and jQuery.

11 thoughts on “SmartNormal 2.0 – SmartNormal goes WebGL”

  1. Alan

    Thanks very much from a semi retired Industrial Designer in Florida. Trying to make a buck.
    Very grateful.


    How do you save the image? Baking large resolution images just gives you the image without the ability to save.

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