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Python Cinema 4D API auto completion (fake package)

The combination of Eclipse and PyDev makes an excellent development environment for coding Cinema 4D python plugins.
Sadly, there was this one – major – feature of PyDev I just couldn’t get to work… completions.

And that was a shame, because this is probably the most awesome feature of PyDev and speeds things up a lot.

Now it’s finally usable! (well… mostly)

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Smart HN-Options – Cinema 4D Python CommandData Plugin Template

So far we already covered IDE-setup and debugging – new let’s go and actually build something!

This is meant to be a simple template of the most common plugin type in Cinema 4D – the CommandData plugin.

Smart HN-Options is a very simple tool that allows to globally change the parameters of every HyperNURBS object within the scene.

Grab the plugin and source! (Eclipse project files included)

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The Binary Kite – even more cubes with Py4D

There are those popular structures we all know and love because they simply look fascinating from every angle – like the Sierpinski triangle, the Pythagoras tree or the Menger sponge.
Generative geometry is one more proof that math is beautiful no matter how basic.

Recently I stumbled upon a new pattern that is also phenomenally simple but produces rather complex shapes – the “Binary Kite”.

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