‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free

'Smart' CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free

SmartTween and SmartStairs are now free to download.

Check out ‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D Plugins for a list of all ‘Smart’ plugins.


14 thoughts on “‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free”

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi. I downloaded the Mac version of the Smart Outline plug-in for C4D R16, dragged the unzipped contents to my plug-ins folder, but can’t get the plug-in to appear in my plug-in menu. Any suggestions?

    1. flashgordon Post Author


      please make sure that unzipping the package did not accidentally create additional subfolders, the ‘smartoutline.dylib’ should be located in the directory ‘/plugins/smartoutline/smartoutline.dylib’.


  3. Evgeny

    Can you give me the source code? I can not find a python lesson. I wanted on an example of your work to see how complex objects are created. I’m interested in how the hierarchy of subobjects is generated. Here is my email lattestudio@mail.ru. I will be very grateful

  4. Anonymous


    SmartSave doesn’t seem to be working in R19 yet. I don’t think it’s my machine, since it was working perfectly in R18… does anyone else have the same problem? Is there a fix?

    Kind regards,

    1. flashgordon Post Author

      Hey David,

      I’m sorry – SmartSave is no longer being maintained.

      But I just checked and it still works (well… kind of ^^) – it won’t save JPEG’s anymore but will happily store TIFF’s.


  5. Anonymous

    Hi, just downloaded SmartStairs plugin for R17, have dragged it into the ‘plugins’ folder in my c4D preferences, but it is not showing up in plugins menu, even after i’ve restarted the program.
    Any idea what I can do? I’m on a Mac.

    1. flashgordon Post Author


      please make sure that you downloaded the R17 compatible package and that you didn’t create an extra subfolder by extracing it – the ‘SmartStairs.pyp’ should be located at Plugins/SmartStairs/SmartStairs.pyp.


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