‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free

'Smart' CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free

SmartTween and SmartStairs are now free to download.

Check out ‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D Plugins for a list of all ‘Smart’ plugins.


11 thoughts on “‘Smart’ CINEMA 4D plugins 4 free”

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  2. Anonymous

    Hi. I downloaded the Mac version of the Smart Outline plug-in for C4D R16, dragged the unzipped contents to my plug-ins folder, but can’t get the plug-in to appear in my plug-in menu. Any suggestions?

    1. flashgordon Post Author


      please make sure that unzipping the package did not accidentally create additional subfolders, the ‘smartoutline.dylib’ should be located in the directory ‘/plugins/smartoutline/smartoutline.dylib’.


  3. Evgeny

    Can you give me the source code? I can not find a python lesson. I wanted on an example of your work to see how complex objects are created. I’m interested in how the hierarchy of subobjects is generated. Here is my email lattestudio@mail.ru. I will be very grateful

  4. Anonymous


    SmartSave doesn’t seem to be working in R19 yet. I don’t think it’s my machine, since it was working perfectly in R18… does anyone else have the same problem? Is there a fix?

    Kind regards,

    1. flashgordon Post Author

      Hey David,

      I’m sorry – SmartSave is no longer being maintained.

      But I just checked and it still works (well… kind of ^^) – it won’t save JPEG’s anymore but will happily store TIFF’s.


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